Procurement of raw materials is done by our own source.  Hides and skins are carefully selected from the slaughter houses and at their intended Origins. .  Selected hides are then inspected for their basic physical properties like Origin, weight, Area, Thickness, Patterns, Defects and Anatomical properties like Composition of raw hide & skins, Proteins Natures , type of Proteins, Chemical & Physical properties of proteins. etc.,

      The Carefully selected hides are scientifically preserved and processed (Tanned) with virgin and genuine imported and indigenous manufactured tanning chemicals, at our tannery with multi formulated proved recipes considering the specific properties of the products at the user end.  The tanned leather is sampled, tested and again trialed in reference to the specific technical properties at its application.

     Our infrastructure of having our leather processing unit and machineries helps in producing / manufacturing quality raw material which helps in maintaining the quality, implied needs of our customers and also have a cost control.


Green Raw Hides
Pit Process

Drum Process
Semi Finished Stock
Drum Process
Drum Process
Splitting & Shaving Machine

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